Thursday, April 11, 2013

There was this little girl named Ava Mae, walking threw the woods. She was scared to death. WHOO WHOO. She turned around faster then you can blink. WHO IS THERE!? She yelled but, all she heard was her own eco. She walked away slowly. WHOO WHOO. The sound is getting closer and closer. She runs fast as lighting. Ava finds a spot to take a break at in a tree. She feels something moving towards her, but she's scared to do anything. Suddenly, she's flying high in the sky on this monster. Her eyes are closed tight. They feel like there going to burst. She finally opens and fines out the monster is an owl. They are spinning, going fast, and swooping up and down. Ava don't no if she should cry or laugh. the owl takes her to this lovely place were flowers are all over the place. A place she has never been to in her life. After all this Ava is worn out. The owl takes her to this beautiful flower thats purple, to lay on. She got all cozy and fell fast asleep. The owl laid on her oh so gently to keep her warm