Monday, January 27, 2014

Fortune cookie

The fortune cookie was great. I could do anything I want. That's the number one thing I love about art. I like my freedom. It's cool to see how they have different writing then us. I like to see what my "fortune brings me". Even though it's not going to come turn, it's still cool to even thing that maybe it will come true. Or that it's even happing now. 

Art x3

The art x3 was really annoying. Someone started it, then someone else, then I finally got it. It was confusion how to even finish it. I rather have something that I started and finish. But it was interesting to see how people do art. Not everyone sees art in the same way.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pop art

The pop art was really fun to do. I did a coffee cup. It was stressful to curve it put, but after all that was done, it was fun to put different colors together. I would deffinitly do it again. The other hardest thing about doing this is when you carve you have to figure out we're the shading is going to be.
     Before the carving.
       When the carving was done.
     One of the picture with paint.