Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Flower Story

It was a hot steamy summer day. My boyfriend Brandon and I decided to take a walk to get ice cream. Out of no where he did the sweetest thing, he picked me a flower. It was white and smelled so beautiful. As he was handing me the flower he dropped it. It began to vibrate and I though I heard it buzzing. But, it was Brandon making that sound. As I went to go smell the flower A BEE FLEW OUT! I was so scared and shocked. Brandon held me back and was trying to get the bee away from me. We finally got way from the bee and got ice cream. On out way back home we want pass the same bush were he picked the flower. This time their was more then one bee there. I was terrified! Brandon saw that I was scared by the look on my face, so he picked me up and ran. Still to this day I am scared to pick any flowers off a bush.

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